Vitcas fireproof insulation boards

vermiculite board


The Vitcas company features a choice of heat resistant, refractory and fireproof insulation products. Specifically, vermiculite fireproof insulation boards are particularly worth your attention due to the fact that they offer remarkably low thermal conductivity.
Vitcas is a market-leading company that specialises in all sorts of materials designed to keep fire and excessive temperatures under control.

In particular, the company offers a whole…

In particular, the company offers a whole variety of products aimed at providing substantial levels of fire and heat protection. For instance, Vitcas offers vermiculite fireproof boards which function brilliantly as heat and fire insulating devices. Therefore, they’re used in boilers and fireplaces or ovens. The interesting thing about vermiculite boards is the fact that the material itself originates as a naturally occurring silicate. In the course of production process, the material receives a lot of heat which causes exfoliation or simply expansion.

The material obtained in this…

The material obtained in this way can be already used in its bulk form or, if that’s what’s needed, it can be furthermore processed into sheets or boards. Key features and characteristics of vermiculite involve a remarkably low conductivity level and a significant structural integrity. As a result, many manufacturers use vermiculite to produce, for example, boilers.