Vitcas cleaning solutions

Although the Vitcas company is known for offering premium quality heat resistant materials, a number of cleaning products have recently been launched under the Vitcas brand. The cleaning solutions include stove and fireplace products.
The Vitcas company has made its name manufacturing excellent quality heat resistant materials for both home and industry use.

The range of Vitcas products…

The range of Vitcas products includes fire bricks, cement, plaster, clay and a number of other items designed to tame down the heat and fire. Recently, however, the company has introduced a new range of cleaning solutions especially designed to deal with stoves and ovens. Apparently, the high temperature environment makes cleaning particularly difficult because all sorts of particles stick to grilles and barbecues and they’re notoriously difficult to clean. However, the new Fireplace Cleaner from Vitcas offers excellent cleaning properties and it is just enough to spray some of it onto cold bits of your barbecue that you want to clean.

After a few moments, you are…

outdoor ovens


After a few moments, you are able to wipe off the dirt easily using just a moist piece of cloth. Therefore, the Vitcas cleaning solutions are particularly recommended for items such as outdoor ovens or barbecues where the temperatures are really high.