The right approach to fire-related risks

We all love a fireplace but very few of us actually realise how important the right fire and heat protection is. Therefore, let’s have a closer look on a number of issues related to staying safe and enjoying a lovely evening with the light and warmth coming from a fireplace.
A fireplace is just one of those things that are universally enjoyed by everyone.

Be it a child or an…

Be it a child or an octogenarian, everyone likes a fireplace. However, the recent survey has revealed that very few people are actually aware of the threats such a fireplace poses to our safety. First of all, we need to realise that a fireplace is all about high temperatures and they just have to be kept under a very strict control. Therefore, we recommend a line of refractory mortars and cement by Vitcas. The company in question has made its name offering best quality heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials especially designed to allow only as much heat as needed.

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refractory cement


Refractory cements combined with firebricks are bound to ensure maximum safety over a very long period of time. Thanks to unique ingredients used by Vitcas, the mortars are very durable and capable of withstanding temperatures way in excess of 1000C.