Familiarising yourself with fire resistant boards

Even though a close examination of the prevailing conditions inside a fireplace doesn’t really give any confidence as the temperatures often exceed 1000C, you shouldn’t be worried at all. The Vitcas company offers a line of heat resistant boards that are excellent at keeping all the heat where it should belong.
Many people become seriously worried when they find out that a humble home fireplace is a very prominent heat source.

fire resistant board

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To be more precise, it is…

To be more precise, it is not anything uncommon to measure temperatures way in excess of 1000-1200C which does sound a little bit unnerving. However, the Vitcas company specialises in manufacturing heat protective materials which were designed with taking on fire and heat so that your fireplace is safe at all times. In particular, we recommend the line of fire resistant vermiculite boards which are available in two main varieties.

Depending on the design of…

Depending on the design of your living room, you can go for the brick effect which makes the looks of the boards exactly the same as a wall made of bricks. However, if your living room employs quite a different design, then there’s always the reeded effect boards. Speaking of vermiculite itself, it is a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate highly regarded for its very low thermal conductivity.