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Shape, thickness and sturdiness of a mould are a must. No part can be manufactured without those three taken to an expert level by the staff experienced enough to actually know what they’re doing. Without you and your company, the market of spares remains in a state of a terrible standstill and you know that. That’s also exactly why Vitcas heat resistant plasters ( are more than enough to improve and strengthen your position as a brick manufacturer!
Be it a cell phone or a simple foil, the contemporary world just wouldn’t be the way it is without your products.


heat resistant plaster


In order to keep their quality at a competitive level you are ready to go to really great lengths to provide your company with the best and the most sturdy heat resistant plasters, which are more than enough to keep your firm at the top of the brick food chain. Entrust your success into our hands and let our marvelous heat resistant plasters shape the future of your products – without taking the leap of faith no one has ever taken flight!.