A stylish heat resistant board by Vitcas

The line of Vitcas fire resistant boards combines both excellent effectiveness and a very good style. The vermiculite-made boards function as a very good protection against the effects of excessive heat coming from a home fireplace or furnace.
Unlike other manufacturers of heat protective materials, the Vitcas company wants its products to be both very effective an stylish at the same time.

It is known beyond a shadow…

It is known beyond a shadow of a doubt that a fireplace in a living room is much more than just a heat source. The visual aspect counts as well which means it has to be taken into account when designing fire protective products. In particular, the Vitcas vermiculite fire resistant boards manage to combine both features (vitcas.com). First of all, they’re very effective in keeping all the excessive heat where it belongs, i. e. in the fireplace. Then there’s the material itself.

A stylish heat resistant board by Vitcas – gallery

fire resistant board

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Vermiculite is known to be a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate which has a very low thermal conductivity. In the case of the Vitcas boards, the physical properties of vermiculite are matched by the visual aspect. The company offers 2 finishing options, namely the brick and reeded effects. Depending n the design of your living room, you’re free to choose the option that best suites you.