A choice of vermiculite boards by Vitcas

The Vitcas company is known for offering excellent quality fireproof and heat resistant materials. In particular, the company features a choice of vermiculite fireproof boards which are known for their very low thermal conductivity and excellent structural integrity.
It is difficult to realise that we do come across fire and excessive heat-related problems but, for some reason, we choose not to think of it too much.

vermiculite board

Foto: s3.tstatic.co.uk

There is a pretty much global…

There is a pretty much global tendency to take it all for granted. As a result, millions of people are sitting next to fireplaces even as we speak without actually realising all the dangers that emerge whenever we’re dealing with fire. Luckily, though, people also choose to use Vitcas products which ensure maximum safety and comfort at all times. In particular, we wholeheartedly recommend a choice of vermiculite fireproof boards. The boards are manufactured using the exfoliation process which consists in heating up the naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate.

The shape of boards owes its nature…

The shape of boards owes its nature to the press treatment at the end of the manufacturing process. The end result is absolutely second to none and it gives you a piece of materials that has a remarkably low thermal conductivity level and incredibly high structural integrity.